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Star Simpson’s first interview on the Boston airport LED sweatshirt scare.

Update: Complete and unedited transcript of our interview here. In today’s episode of Boing Boing tv: One year ago, a 19-year-old MIT engineering student named Star Simpson got dressed to go pick up a friend at Boston’s Logan airport. She … Continue reading

Beijing: interview with pro-Tibet videobloggers in hiding, in China.

Last week, eight American citizens were detained in Beijing for participating in pro-Tibetan sovereignty protests near the site of the 2008 Olympics, with Students for a Free Tibet. Two videobloggers who documented those protest and guerrilla art installations evaded detention, … Continue reading

WWII Retro-tech: USS Pampanito sub with Todd Lappin

Boing Boing tv’s retro-tech correspondent Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics submerges us in WWII history on the supersized submarine USS Pampanito. This Balao-class ship was built in 1943, and today one of her younger volunteer caretakers schools us on all … Continue reading

WWII Boatpunk: Aboard the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, with Todd Lappin

BBtv guest correspondent and blog pal Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics takes us inside a steam-powered World War II “Liberty Ship,” the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. We marvel (!) at the cool old retro-technology that kept this behemoth boat running to … Continue reading

Xeni kicks the tech tires on Virgin America.

(Update: By total coincidental timing, the VA executive featured in this episode, Charles Ogilvie, announced today he’s moving on from VA to do something that sounds equally cool with tech and entertainment. Details at the bottom of the post.) [Xeni … Continue reading

Google and China’s “Great Firewall”: Fun with the Billboard Liberation Front and monochrom

The San Francisco-based Billboard Liberation Front has been transforming the world of advertising since 1977. When Austrian art-pranksters and regular BBtv guests monochrom recently visited the United States to spread their Sculpture Mob dogma, a historic meeting with the elusive … Continue reading

BBtv “Hacker HOWTO”: Cold Boot Encryption Attack

Xeni visits the offices of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and speaks with Jake Appelbaum and Bill Paul, two of the authors of a security research paper that shows how your computer’s memory can be tricked into revealing data you thought … Continue reading

Terrorist training video from Soviet Unterzögersdorf

Boing Boing tv received a classified video message from the People’s Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf — a message encoded in an almost-obsolete communist LOLcat cypher. BBtv’s terror analysts have decoded this video for you, dear viewer, and we present it … Continue reading