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Boing Boing faves from 2008: George Lucas in "The Boba Fett Mystique"

We're revisiting some of our favorite Boing Boing tv episodes during the holiday break, and while the one I'm embedding here (MP4 link here) is perhaps not going to win any Pulitzers, it was one of the most …

Killing Capitalism With Christmas: Happy Holidays from BBtv + monochrom!

Longtime Boing Boing tv contributors monochrom have brought us Soviet terrorism training videos, improvisational urban fires, and highfalutin economic philosophy from the mouths of sock puppets.

Monochrom sock puppets Kiki & Bubu return to us today, for …

Unicorn Chaser: The Goofy Truth Behind BBtv's Presence at a Certain Music Festival.

BBtv presents this week's Friday "Unicorn Chaser" -- the goofy truth behind Xeni and BBtv's UK music correspondent Russell Porter's reports from the SF Outside Lands music festival. Summer concert season is long gone, and the gaffer tape …

Unicorn Chaser: John Hodgman Spamasterpiece Theater Bloopers

If it's Friday, and, why, yes it is, it's time for a Unicorn Chaser on Boing Boing tv. Today: SPAMASTERPIECE THEATER bloopers, out-takes, and oblique lulz from the amazing John Hodgman, minor television personality and author of More Information

Boing Boing Gadgets: Freestyle Audio Soundwave Underwater MP3 Player (naked video review)

A career milestone for Joel Johnson on Boing Boing tv -- his very first shower scene. The naked gadget reviewer explains:

What hath videoblogging wrought? It is my honor and personal shame to present my video review of the Freestyle

BBtv/Offworld: Status Report Edition, Brandon's Still a Death Gnome (video)

Over at, Brandon "Shiny-Eyed Death Gnome" Boyer says,

While we here at Offworld gather exclusive content for future editions of Offworld's BBtv transmissions, our second update is a status report, telling the wider world what we've been getting

Boing Boing Gadgets: Joel Reviews T-Mobile Cameo Picture Frame

In this week's Boing Boing Gadgets review episode on Boing Boing tv, Joel Johnson reviews the T-Mobile Cameo Picture Frame, which displays digital photos but also sort of works like a phone. Joel's thumbs were neither decisively up nor …

Unicorn Chaser: Dirty Dancing Death Dwarf

In Boing Boing tv's inaugural Friday Unicorn Chaser, we reprise our OFFWORLD debut episode with a special extended dance remix of editor Brandon "Dirty Dancing Death Dwarf" Boyer, funking out in Azeroth.…

BBtv: Offworld Premiere. What's Offworld?

Here's the debut episode of our regular video updates from OFFWORLD, Boing Boing's new gaming blog. Editor Brandon Boyer says:

After an oxygen fire knocked our interstellar video link temporarily out of commission, we bring you our Boing Boing

John Hodgman in BBtv's SPAMasterpiece Theater, Vol IV: V1V4 M3X1CO.

Today on Boing Boing tv we reprise our ongoing SPAMasterpiece Theater series featuring author, PC, and minor television personality John Hodgman. His new book, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE was released just a couple of weeks ago.

Hodgman himself …