Floating in Zero Gravity is fun, Earthlings!

In today's episode of Boing Boing tv, we float around in zero gravity. With me on this Zero-G weightless flight are Intel Chairman Craig Barrett; my friend Sean Bonner from metblogs; and a bunch of science teachers from grade schools and high schools throughout the United States who were on board to conduct microgravity experiments for the kids back home. As you watch, keep an eye out for the floating lego robot, a flying pig, and the barfing guy who is totally barfing for reals -- the rest of us did not, btw, I don't get sick in space.

What you see in this episode is what it feels like, guys, and it feels awesome. -- Xeni Jardin. (Special thanks to Peter Diamandis, and George and Loretta Whitesides)

About Xeni Jardin

Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter. email: xeni@boingboing.net.
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9 Responses to Floating in Zero Gravity is fun, Earthlings!

  1. wolfiesma says:

    What a great video. The soundtrack and slo-mo works really well. So, where is the zero-g plane- or is that classified?

  2. Dean says:

    Xeni – Do you think if we put depressed people and criminals and just generally unhappy people in this thing and let them float around that it would change their lives? Would they be happier?

    Not everyone in that plane could possibly have been that happy the rest of the time. Do you think it changed their lives afterward to see that they can really do anything, including defying the most basic law of our planet?

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      @Dean: I don’t know, but I do know that it is a profoundly moving, and yes, spiritual experience. I can’t speak for everyone, but yes, for me, the experience was life-changing. And we didn’t even go into orbit! Imagine how really leaving earth might change us….

  3. Bonnie says:

    Awesome video! So Xeni, when will you go up in space for reals?!

  4. Dean says:

    Xeni – There’s only one way to find out. Could we sent Henry Earl, the world’s most arrested man, into zero gravity?

    Do you change the way you interact with things now? Do you brush your teeth differently after you’ve been through that? Maybe you could try brushing with your off hand, or brushing slowly or buying a giant toothbrush like Pee Wee Herman.

    I wish visiting space made everyone act like Pee Wee Herman. There would be a lot more breakfast smiley faces.

  5. tikal2k says:

    Nice hairdo there Xeni

  6. David Carroll says:

    #5 (Xeni 0G Jardin):

    Try: vice_president@whitehouse.gov but hurry! Mr Vader will only be there for a few more months..

    After January, you might try: Prisoner_Relations@icj-cij.org

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