Monochrom: Bye Bye (a short film)

A short film by monochrom about a man who dies, is reborn, and sprouts gills. Created by Harald Homolka List, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Evelyn Fürlinger (link to monochrom site for this film, here are other short films from them in German).

Previous work from monochrom on Boing Boing tv:

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6 Responses to Monochrom: Bye Bye (a short film)

  1. technogeek says:

    Not bad enough to be good…

  2. tartar says:

    Very bizarre.
    FX question: What are the gills made of? 😉

  3. Dana Devonshire says:

    @ Tartar:

    Looks to me like ham?

    Dana Devonshire
    Series Producer, Boing Boing tv

  4. grenz says:

    @Tartar, @Dana:
    To be precise… We used special cinnamon-flavored christmas ham. It sat in the fridge for almost two weeks because nobody liked it.

  5. Dana Devonshire says:

    Aha! It’s the cinnamon flavoring that makes it look like gills! Neat trick!

  6. skramble says:

    @ #1 Tchngk: gr.

    Wht r y gys t BBTV dng? ths lm sm-cmcl nrrtvs d nt sm t b vry fnny r ntrstng. Sm gs fr th Kls-Prr srs. Whvr s bhnd ths lttl prdctns shld hn thr crft sm mr bfr pstng t th grt BngBng.

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