Multi-millenial Mechanical clocks - Long Now "Mechanicrawl" pt. 1

Boing Boing tv guest correspondent Todd Lappin (R) and cameraninja Eddie Codel (L) trek to the Long Now Foundation's first-ever Mechanicrawl event, and bring back tales of early analog computing, fantastic timepieces, and impossibly eccentric mechanical things.

First, Todd speaks with the Long Now Foundation's Alexander Rose about a 10,000-year mechanical clock dreamed up by supercomputer designer Danny Hillis.

Next, we listen to a prototype chime mechanism that will ring ten bells in a different sequence each day over the next 10,000 years. Brian Eno and Danny Hillis came up with the algorithm, and a team of tinkerers crafted the contraption to tap out time on a series of Tibetan bowl gongs.

Todd has a photoset with snapshots from the Mechanicrawl adventures. See also this previous Laughing Squid post.

(Special thanks to Karen Marcelo for image shown in video still)

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5 Responses to Multi-millenial Mechanical clocks - Long Now "Mechanicrawl" pt. 1

  1. adamrice says:

    “” does not look like a valid URL.

  2. Xeni Jardin says:

    Hey Adam — where are you seeing that url in this post? Everything’s working AFAIK, I don’t see that url anywhere.

  3. Chris Fedde says:

    Awesome topic! SF alone has years worth of locations.

  4. byronba says:

    Just saw the URL that Adam@1 mentions in the credits for the segment.

  5. Dana Devonshire says:


    Thanks very much for the heads up. Revised URL will be up shortly. In the meantime, please check out!

    Dana Devonshire
    Series Producer, Boing Boing tv

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