Cory Doctorow visits Secret Headquarters (comics)

Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow visits his favorite comic book store in all the world -- Secret Headquarters, in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. With shop owner Dave Pifer, Cory walks us through some of the graphic novels and comics he loves, everything from manga to zine howto manuals to Jodorowsky to Warren Ellis. Cory is particularly fond (as are all of us at BBtv) of the shop's awesome simultaneous tribute to Stan Lee and the Sex Pistols in this t-shirt, "God Save Stan Lee."

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7 Responses to Cory Doctorow visits Secret Headquarters (comics)

  1. wormtown says:

    Please add a “Subscribe with Miro Button” to BoingBoing TV posts. At least one open source alternative to the wretched itunes should be offered.

  2. Geoffrey Sperl says:

    @wormtown: Just use the RSS feed in Miro. It should work just fine.

  3. A New Challenger says:

    Wooo, Death Note! Now that the English dub of the anime has wrapped I want to check out the manga.

    What a timely post, with the San Diego Comic Con just around the corner.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is such a rad store. I’ve lived in NYC, London, Seattle, Boston and LA, and SH is THE BEST comic store I’ve encountered on 2 continents. You just can’t beat the experience there. No bumbling, uneducated, generically informative staff–at SH, you get deep insider access/info into everything you could dream of. Even my hot girlfriend digs this joint–and she’s hated every other comic book store I’ve taken her too (and I’ve taken her to ALL of them).

  5. LANYC says:

    Secret Headquarters–the most awesome comic book store!! I love how they surprise me again and again with their sophistication (and they’re not even trying to!)! Their store is so carefully crafted, only the best things worth indulging in are there–it certainly isn’t the typical dirty, unorganized, messy, dead-stock to the brim comic shop that LA has too many of already.
    Kudos to Secret Headquarters for FINALLY giving Los Angeles the comic book store that we’ve all been waiting for!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where did that amazing music come from? And how can I get some?

  7. Bledsoefilms says:


    It’s a Secret

    Derek Bledsoe
    Segment Producer, BBtv

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