Monochrom: Kiki and Bubu and The Self

Austrian subversive art collective monochrom present an all-new installment of the philosophical sock puppets Kiki and Bubu on today's episode of Boing Boing tv.

These fuzzy logicians ponder the true nature of individual identity in capitalist societies, and connect the dots between Star Trek fandom, Sesame Street characters, Broadway musicals, and racy jpegs.


* Nazi Petting Zoo
* Fisch Interview
* Orwell's 1984 deconstructed by puppets
* Monochrom's Marxist sock puppets
* Monochrom: MyFaceSpace, the musical
* Monochrom: Campfire at Will

* Monochrom: Falco Stairs
* Monochrom: Bar code artist Scott Blake / Falco stencil memorial
* Human USB Hack / Very Simple Motor
* Mark's Curie Engine / Monochrom's love song for Lessig

About Xeni Jardin

Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter. email:
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12 Responses to Monochrom: Kiki and Bubu and The Self

  1. scottfree says:

    author! author! excellent work, as usual. only criticism is I think the first one worked so well because it was tied to practice and the effect of sock puppets talking about such real world sort of problems was to grab and hold ones attention. this one seems to depend on the online porn monster as a character, and the message seeps through laterally. Still, all the best and hope you keep these up. My crappy keyboard keeps me from writing more.

  2. grenz says:

    Our director’s uncut can be found here

    All the best from Newark Airport. (Why do they call it Liberty?)

  3. avidd says:

    The full version makes more sense
    It may run a little long for the internet attention span, but the bbtv cuts are akward. Kudos on the addition of mozart though.

  4. grenz says:

    @Avidd: As far as I can tell there seems to be an edit error in the opening scene. There is a short segment of 10 seconds missing (where Kiki wants to talk about the Western working class and hears someone crying).

    And yes! Fight attention de-spanning.

    Johannes (monochrom)

  5. noen says:

    “If everybody is an individual doesn’t that mean that everybody is just the same?”

    “Like in San Francisco?”

  6. grenz says:

    @scottfree: Thanks for your comment. We always try to address a specific liberal concept or idea. (We are, btw, referring to a real blog entry by a real liberal lady complaining about the OMG being plagiarism.)

    Maybe we’ll refer to your comment in the next episode? Who knows 😉

    Johannes (monochrom)

  7. Dana Devonshire says:

    @#3 AVIDD, & Johannes:

    Thanks for alerting us to the video glitch in this episode. We actually didn’t make any edits to the video, rather it seems there was a hiccup when we converted the original file from its PAL format.
    We have re-converted – revised video will be up shortly!

    Thanks again,

    Dana Devonshire
    Series Producer, Boing Boing tv

  8. permafrost says:

    #5 Yeah, one of many highlights.

  9. scottfree says:

    oh, i’d be deeply honoured to be mentioned, even in a disparaging way. As Marcuse wrote in one dimensional man – my copy of which was lost when i drunkenly thought i needed something to read on the five minute drive to the bar a few weeks back – entertainment is the most efficient way of learning, hence the use of this sort of web vid. surprised to see marcuse left out of a discussion of individuality under capitalism, actually. but youre right about blogs; i forget where i read that the internets tend toward the right, as a function of, as discussed above, the ease of switching channels, as it were. but literally, not only are half the letters on my keyboard broken, but backspace as well, so commenting is a bit of a pain.

    I suppose my first comment should read ‘author function! author function!’

  10. noen says:

    I think you should introduce a Slavoj Žižek sock puppet. But perhaps the irony would be too much and the internets would implode. Maybe he could eat some chocolate laxative and decaf coffee? Or talk about how the online porn monster never has any sex.

  11. grenz says:

    @noen: We are planning to do something about Lacan someday… but I’m not giving anything away…

  12. grenz says:

    @scottfree: I refuse to be part of the interpretive process. At least sometimes.

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