Russell Porter with Alice Russell, pt. 2 (music)

UK-based Russell Porter chronicles alt music culture in the Porter Report with aggressive wit and offbeat charm.

Today, part two of his exclusive two-part interview for Boing Boing tv with the soulful Brit singer-songwriter Alice Russell, whose musical influences include Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin, and Minnie Riperton. Here's the Brighton beauty's Wikipedia entry (with a decent discography); here's her MySpace page with tons of music clips, and gig dates.

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    One Response to Russell Porter with Alice Russell, pt. 2 (music)

    1. cheeken says:

      No, no, no. This changes *everything*.

      I know, stereotypical blah blah blah, but I swear to you that I thought Alice Russell was Black. I was convinced of it.

      A couple of years ago, I was listening to some mixes from the Chillits Electronic Music Festival [wikipedia] and in the middle of one of the mixes was one of The Most Amazing Covers I’ve ever heard: Seven Nation Army (originally by the White Stripes) by Nostalgia 77.

      In fact, you should pop open this YouTube clip and have a listen. It will boggle your musically-stunted brain, yet leave you wanting so much more: [YouTube].

      I’ve told a lot of people that they should listen to this Amazing Black Woman sing the White Stripes. Then, when I played this episode of BBTV and had it playing in the background, my brain thought, “Yeah, you’ve heard her before.” Only then did I even think to research exactly who Alice Russell was.

      Thanks, BoingBoing…you’ve blown my freakin’ mind…again.

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