Omega Recoil: Electricity as art

John Behrens and "Omega Recoil" build giant Tesla Coils. Their work explores how electronic fields can be excited in the environment, and their creations become the centerpieces of interactive public art performances.

Some of the tinkerers and performers in this SF Bay Area-based collective were previously associated with Dr. Megavolt, an electrical art project which...

[featured] a person in a metal mesh suit
interacting with artificially generated lighting. The Doctor sets
objects on fire with electricity originating from large Tesla coils,
spars with the electric arcs and exhorts the audience to worship the
elemental force of electricity.

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5 Responses to Omega Recoil: Electricity as art

  1. GuabaMan says:

    The bird cage is very Zaphod Beeblebrox!

  2. noen says:

    These people are out of their f**king minds. I love it!

  3. Xeni Jardin says:

    @GuabaMan, I was thinking it was more Zegnotronic, myself.

    But then, I’m from 12 galaxies and am Guiltied to a to an Omegalogical Rocket Society.

  4. GuabaMan says:

    LOL, Interesting reference Xeni, it sounds like a good BBtv episode: Superlative Alternative Realities Collide!

  5. Xeni Jardin says:

    I’d actually love to do a Frank Chu thing. I can’t think of how to do it that wouldn’t be exploitative or lame, though. Ideas welcome. Maybe he could do interviews with presidential candidates on the campaign trail about why they should be pre-impeached, or perhaps we could try producing that Richest Families reality show he was so pissed at Bill Clinton about. Or heck, just “what’s on Frank Chu’s sign this week.”

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