Bill Barminski animation: "Drive-In"

Today on Boing Boing tv, ambient animation from the prolific artist and filmmaker Bill Barminski. Drive-In is part of an ongoing series of immersive experiments by Barminski that re-create childhood memories of night skies, thunderstorms, and fireflies, as he remembers them. Link to previous BBtv episodes featuring Barminksi -- and coming soon on BBtv, interviews with the artist about the technical and creative process behind his work.

Music in this episode by Residential Sails.

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5 Responses to Bill Barminski animation: "Drive-In"

  1. Doc Tourneau says:

    Absolutely lovely! It puts me in mind of my own idealized summertime memories of a boyhood in Illinois.

    I gotta say, it was jarring to go from this beautiful, contemplative work of art to a Verizon commercial starring… Michael Bay! (Whose work, needless to say, is the complete antithesis of what Mr. Barminski has created here.)

  2. Scixual says:

    Lovely. Ambient animation — just lovely.

    Reminds me a bit of Graveyard (I may even have seen it here first), the “game” that is just a walk through a graveyard on a summer afternoon.

  3. JPW says:

    Can anyone make out if the Drive-In marquee’s name is “Buffalo” Drive-In? It sure appears to be . . . and if so, was modeled after a real place here in western NY state that was demolished just last year.

    I thought the artist was from Chicago but somehow the childhood memories he stirred were my own. That sign was a few miles down the street from my grade school in suburban Buffalo. That’s one interesting use of CGI.

  4. Clay says:

    Wow, he does his own music too? I’m really looking forward to the interviews.

  5. gnosis says:

    Simple and beautiful. Thank you.

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