Speed Racer's "photo-anime" hyperreality: John Gaeta interview, part 2.

Today on Boing Boing tv, part two of Xeni's visits with John Gaeta, the Academy Award-winning Visual Effects supervisor of the Matrix trilogy -- his new film, Speed Racer, opens today in theaters around the US.

This latest Wachowski brothers project reinterprets the classic 1960s Japanese anime series of the same name.

In this second part of BBtv's conversation with Gaeta, he reveals some of the art, anime, and pop culture elements that combine to form Speed Racer's "poptimistic photo-anime" feel. The live action Speed Racer is saturated in a candy-colored palette so rich, audiences may just leave the theater with a contact sugar high.

View interactive samples of the digital building blocks behind the movie in a related online feature in VRMAG, "Speed Racer Uncovered."

And Gaeta adds a special message for Boing Boing tv viewers, who are already well accustomed to all things digital -- "For optimal viewing experience, see Speed Racer at a digital cinema or IMAX theater." He's not kidding, with a feature like this, analog projection just doesn't do the work justice.

PREVIOUSLY: Part One of BBtv's interview with Gaeta on "Speed Racer."

(Special thanks: John Gaeta; Andy and Larry Wachowski; and David Pescovitz)

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6 Responses to Speed Racer's "photo-anime" hyperreality: John Gaeta interview, part 2.

  1. Trent Hawkins says:

    Somehow I fear that all the effects in the world won’t make this movie good. Great visuals will not make up for terrible plot or acting.

  2. noen says:

    Not to worry Trent. From what I hear the movie is completely free of any hint of a plot and how much acting does it take to sit in front of a green screen and go “vroom vroooooom!” anyway?

  3. eustace says:

    Could a link be added to part 1?

  4. Xeni Jardin says:

    @eustace, why yes it could! and it can has been.

  5. cfJeff says:

    Just took my kids to see this movie and it was fantastic.

    It was the Matrix Meets Saturday Morning Cartoon. I think they invented Car-Fu in this movie.

    There were a lot of Fathers with their 6-8 year old sons in the theater and the crowd was actually cheering Pops to beat the snot out of the Ninjas by the middle of the movie.

    I know it’s getting panned by the critics, but it was a great fun entertaining wild movie.

    Probably not a chick flick.

  6. rikchik says:

    No citations for the anime clips?

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