Vlog (Xeni): Tibet report - monks forced to participate in staged videos.

In this BBtv vlog episode, Xeni speaks with Tibetan human rights worker Lhakpa Kyizom about reported abuses against so-called "wired monks" in Tibet, by PRC military and police. Using cellphones, these monks photographed people who had been killed or injured during nonviolent, pro-Tibetan sovereignty protests that took place in March. The monks then disseminated these images to supporters outside Tibet, using connected computers and mobile devices.

After the images spread worldwide, and their origin became known to authorities in the tightly-controlled, tense, post-protest environment in Tibet, Kyizom says, military forces invaded the monastery, confiscated all communications tools, and detained nearly 600 monks in political retaliation.

Kyizom works as a radio producer for Tibet Connection, and is a trainer with the Active Nonviolence Education Center in the Northern Indian town of Dharamshala, also home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile.

A partial transcript of Kyizom's account after the jump, and links to reports on further protests, mass detentions, and new pressure on Tibetans to denounce the Dalai Lama as the crackdown intensifies.

Update: Nathan Freitas says, "The unfortunate aftermath of the incidents your video covered...."

Two monks commit suicide in Amdo Ngaba

According to confirm information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), two monks committed suicide in Amdo Ngaba (Ch: Aba) as a direct result of relentless oppression by the Chinese security forces after the series of peaceful protests.

Update 2: Chinese military police killed 8 Tibetans today, after shooting on hundreds of Tibetan monks and villagers in a monastery:

Witnesses said the clash – in which dozens were wounded – erupted late last night after a government inspection team entered a monastery in the Chinese province of Sichuan trying to confiscate pictures of the Dalai Lama.

Officials searched the room of every monk in the Donggu monastery, a sprawling 15th century edifice in Ganzi, southwestern Sichuan, confiscating all mobile phones as well as the pictures.

When the inspectors tore up the photographs and threw them on the floor, a 74-year-old monk, identified as Cicheng Danzeng, tried to stop an act seen as a desecration by Tibetans who revere the Dalai Lama as their god king

Link (thanks Oxblood)

Lhakpa Kyizom:

Thousands of black and green uniformed Chinese security
forces entered 6 monasteries in Amdo in North-Eastern Tibet
(Sichuan province) (...)
The security forces raided each monk’s room
confiscated all means of communication with the outside
world, including cell phones.

The monks were interrogated and were forced at
gunpoint to step on photographs of the Dalai Lama.

The security forces staged and videotaped the following
scenes of the Kirti Monastery monks in their rooms.
They forced some monks to hold up a portrait of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan national flag
A small monk was forced to hide half his body underneath the wooden floorboards and made to place his hands on the keyboard of a lap top computer.

One of the monks managed to make a secret phone call to the
Kirti monks in Dharamsala, India. The monk in Tibet said:

“I am worried that the CCP is creating false evidence to try
to show that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the mastermind
behind the protests in Tibet. The security forces forced us
to act out these scenes against our will with guns pointed
at us. I appeal to the people of the world, do not be
persuaded by these fake videos”

From March 28 to March 30 2008, around 572 monks including
10 year old monks of Kirti Monastery have been arbitrarily

On March 29th around 17 monks of TAKSTNG LHAMO KIRTI
MONASTERY in Dzoege county of Sichuan Province were
arbitrarily arrested

On the morning of March 30th 80 PRC staff members with
security forces
raided the monk’s rooms of the same
monastery. They confiscated knives, arrows, and antique
guns that were on display in the chapel of the monastery's
protector deity.

These items are ancient traditional offerings to the
protectors, and symbolize the overcoming of obstacles and
negative emotions.

The monks are concerned that these items are being mis-
represented in the propaganda of the PRC and its mouthpiece
Xinhua on 30/30/08 as being evidence of monks taking up
arms. Xinhua reported that there were other weapons along
with the afore-mentioned items, which the monks claim is
completely fabricated.

Nobody knows the whereabouts of the monks who were arrested.

Link to additional updates on reported protests and mass detentions in Tibet since this interview was taped [source: International Campaign for Tibet].


* BBtv Vlog (Xeni): Tibet's uprising and the internet.

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5 Responses to Vlog (Xeni): Tibet report - monks forced to participate in staged videos.

  1. pt says:

    excellent report.

  2. lix says:

    Tibetans should use encryption technology to enrypt their reports and sign them to assure reliable information sources. Further they should use TOR or similar anonymiser technology to access the internet “outside of China” bridging the chinese firewall.

    Freedom activist security mesures:

  3. martha_macarthur says:

    I think this report is excellent. Kudos for putting a face on the story, just what is needed to motivate more people to get involved. Great work Xeni and Lhakpa!

  4. mujadaddy says:

    Xeni — You look like a comm operator from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 🙂

  5. djam says:

    I watched a report the other day, it alleged that the population of Tibet has declined since the Chinese occupation; 6 million before and 5 million now. Where else in the world has the population declined over the last 50 years?

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