Ape Lad: Aloysius Koford, Mountain Man.

Aloysius P. Koford, the great-grandpappy of cartoonist Adam "Ape Lad" Koford, recounts his history as a Mountain Man -- kind of like being a hobo, as he explains, only more "grub," less clothing.

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  • The following Creative Commons-licensed images found on Flickr were featured in this episode...

    by a4gpa Mountain Trail; by aliwest44 Red Tiger; by bowers95713 I am here; by Bruno Girin Mud Volcano near Gobustan, Azerbaijan; by Coed Raffles the Red Nosed Cat; by diongillard Grub ; by eschipul mfah; by Esparta Mira!! un lión; by Fr Antunes Leaves; by iboy_daniel doll; by idiotboy idiot Screamer; by Ingorrr MY potato; by j gavin heck THNDRMTN_DEVIL; by jamesdale10 Base Housing, Dugway, Utah; by Jason Cartwright Stew; by javivázquez Remojando (mud bath); by jurvetson Meow!; by jurvetson Pounce; by Leto A Where is the goat; by Linda N Pucker Up and Blow; by Marcos Moreira Puma; by meknits yarn hag; by miheco tumble weeds russian thistle; by mivanov predator; by nbonzey Maggots!; by PaysImaginaire Camouflaging Duck; by Photog Phillip Simpsons Underwear; by prosto photos A Booth Beauty; by Shellie Raney Grizzly Bear Alaska; by StarMama The Sticks; by steve.wilde Poison Garden; by the illustrious untitled13 Big Al; by tiarescott Mac camouflaging himself; by tlindenbaum Milkweed Bugs; by vortistic Jungle Adventure #2; by WaveBreaker Ultimate Hobo Mode; by yaaaay King and Queen of Namibia; by Zepfanman.com Sneak; by GlobalGreen.org Jude Law; by Marshall Astor Food Porno InOut-burger eating; by avlxyz Carne Sandwich with Salsa Verde; by avlxyz Smoked Tuna Salad; by Clevergrrl Sweet potato fries = grubs; by cyancey hot potato!; by fortes Grubs; by i_yudai Strawberry milk shake; by jslander Waffle with syrup; by jvumn Grub; by killrbeez famous dave's bar-b-que; by Lex in the City buttered and lightly toasted, please; by mia3mom Sauteing veggies; by sawung_gue the best pancake in town; by SuperFantastic happy burger; by WayTru Kabob; by Traveling Fools of America Steak & Shake.

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