Falco Stairs/Fuji Apple

Now that we've properly memorialized Falco with his own product code, it's time for the ultimate monument to his iconic talent. Via monochrom, BBtv takes you to the Falco... stairs? Sean Bonner makes a cameo to weigh in on the Falco... lamppost. Then, we proudly premiere the Falco Memorial Haz Mat Dancers. Er, actually it's a retro-style short video by Walterrobot entitled "Fuji Apples." Music in the Walter Robot short from Boards of Canada (song: Roygbiv, from "Music has the Right to Children.")

Previously on BBtv: Bar Codes for Falco

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5 Responses to Falco Stairs/Fuji Apple

  1. tartar says:

    Haha! Now that Falco/Scott Blake thing makes a lot more sense to me…..

    btw: I believe that some stupid city government really builds Falco stairs… but I won’t believe that car turns lamppost story 😉

  2. fuzzheadgha says:

    How strange, seeing these stairs that I used to climb everyday on my way to my piano lessons. Back from college in the states, my Mother and I visited my teacher last evening and my Mom couldn’t understand my excitement when I saw the Falco tag. That stair certainly is a depressing place, however it has a wheelchair ramp, so its not all bad!
    And that car turned lamppost thing must be fake. I refuse to believe it.

  3. License Farm says:

    I love these Walter Robot clips when I see them. Whimsy and menace rolled into one.

  4. danegeld says:

    Why did they butcher the The Boards of Canada track?

  5. DangerFish says:

    Is that Klaus Pierre on the right there? 😛 Reminds me of him for some reason…

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