Gabe and Max answer Bing Boing readers.

Gabe and Max, who have taught so many of us how to achieve the dream lives of our dreams using the internet, answer questions from the Bing Bong audience. Then, aliens discover Mark Frauenfelder's book, "Rule the Web."

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14 Responses to Gabe and Max answer Bing Boing readers.

  1. boddah82 says:

    when you started BB:tv i loved it, it had a very unique style, but more and more i feel its lost its way, perhaps i just dont like the direction you went in with it, which is a shame, but regardless ill still read BB constantly 🙂 (and xeni is still so hot xD ) lol

  2. the Other michael says:

    As opposed to, say, only slightly unique (comments the pedant).

    I got no complaints. Mark has loosened up a lot, too.

  3. kip w says:

    Oo, ee,
    Oo ah-ah
    Bing Boing
    Walla walla Bing Bong!

  4. kip w says:

    (That’s from “My Friend the Witch Doctorow”)

  5. PovertyJetSet says:

    I don’t know what BODDAH82 is talking about. This is by far my favorite BBTV yet! I love Gabe and Max! More plz!

  6. shagman says:

    Bing? Bong!

  7. SAE Miller says:

    This is one of the best ones yet. Excellent job. I love the aliens.

  8. mokey says:

    this is definitely the best episode yet. but what’s up with taketv? even that tiny tiny commercial annoys me. better than sliced bread? i need food every day, but i’d live fine if tv and internet access died tomorrow(ow).

  9. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    Uncut power bottom? Reminds me of my ex… Oh. Um, anyway: hilarious!

  10. CGI_Joe says:

    I love them. Can you get them as BBtv correspondents?

  11. PopArtDiva says:

    The best parody of those slick “internet guru” sites ever. Bing Boing, lol. And I just love the antediluvian laptop – I’m old so I actually had one of those (and a cell phone the size of a suitcase, but that’s another story.)
    Kip, you crack me up – so “I told the Witch Doctor I was in love with you”

    BTW, I wonder what the aliens are paying for their fuel these days?

  12. figital says:


    It’s the internet for cats.

  13. Grimboy says:

    I’d slice my own bread in order to not lose internet access.

  14. FMJessica says:

    Dude, Gabe is totally a fox.

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