Maker Faire tour with Mark Frauenfelder

What kind of DIY tech wonders can you find at Maker Faire? Make Magazine editor-in-chief and BBtv co-host Mark Frauenfelder traveled to Austin, TX with camcorder in hand to show us. Mark introduces us to a ticklish dinosaur robot named Pleo (above), and a guy named Craig who makes amazing garage-tech musical instruments. (XJ)

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8 Responses to Maker Faire tour with Mark Frauenfelder

  1. GuabaMan says:

    mmm nice but i miss Xeni!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a familiar GarageBand drumbeat loop in the intro! Very slick.

  3. Anonymous says:

    …Or you could just get a cat. It will also cuddle with you, has built in tickle-sensors called nerves, and even does REAL purring! Amazing! 😛

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    I wished there’d been a dozen items like the last one, rather than the Pleo demo. He’s a product from a big company, ingenious but not a DIY sort of thing.

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    Also, syntha-critters like Pleo make me feel a little sad, because I know that in a few years they’ll be lying in a bin in the Goodwill Thrift Center, looking pathetic and abandoned.

  6. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Hey Stefan — I videoed 18 different makers, and hopefully we’ll get around to most of them!

  7. Stefan Jones says:

    That’s good to hear. Bruce Sterling posted a list of ribbon winners and they sounded very interesting.

  8. devophill says:

    D’you think that guy is tired of people saying, “Hey, isn’t that just a Chapman Stick?”

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