Bad Fairies

Here's what happens when you take Halloween too far. A cautionary tale provided courtesy of Danny Diamond and a crew of video guerrillas who say: "We dedicate this to the memory of Tim E Woodsman, 1972 - 2007. We miss you. -- Jason, Jolon, Glasgow, Martha, Brody, Danny & everyone who made CRAPtv possible.",p>
-- XJ (Special thanks, Jolon)

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Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter. email:
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8 Responses to Bad Fairies

  1. Bonnie says:

    there’s nothing funnier than a dumpster-diving fairy.

  2. Tires N. Skunks says:

    ww, s t DM?!1 mks bs-btt-fckng-ltly N snzzz? DS PP3Lzzz t My g3n3rtn 2dy. ls thngs frm jpn @PP3@LZZZ 2 m! thngs wff MDGTS @t-mtclly mn fnny!!!!! RRRRR

  3. tp1024 says:

    Wrst psd f bngbng tv yt. Srry t sy tht, t mght b tht y jst mssd my knd f hmr, bt tht ws (nsrprsngly) jst CRP. (Hvng bn md by crp-tv …)

  4. royal_nonesuch says:

    Wow. I was just making my daily stop by Boing Boing, and there was Tom the Fairy, standing in a dumpster. Nice work Danny Diamond, RIP Timmy the Woodsman, rock on BBTV, and love to the rest of you old Crapateers. —Glasgow

  5. Talia says:

    Bizarre, trippy episode. I’ll confess curiousity as to what the story with Tim Woodsman may have been (or if I missed something, somewhere).

  6. royal_nonesuch says:

    @ Talia: if you’re interested, you can read all about Timmy the Woodsman in “The Royal Nonesuch,” a nonfiction book I wrote that was published a few months ago. It’s available at Amazon, etc. I’m talking to the publisher about letting me put the whole text online, but for now it’s only in book form. : (

  7. Grimboy says:

    This whole disemvowelment thing is stupid. Either remove the message, or leave it as it is. Otherwise all you do is make it hard for people to read.

    Also is it just me or did the CC bit at the end go on for longer than usual?

  8. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Grimboy: your opinion is duly noted.

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